Rajesh Mishra 

Good Moring Sir, I visited your profile as recently my son Kaustubh Mishra visited your clinic for checkup of high cholesterol and got very good response from your end. This was reason why I visited you profile. Sir thanks for taking care of my son. Regards, Rajesh Mishra

Ravindra Mulay

V Ganghadharan

I recommend the doctor, I am V Gangadharan, 59 old male patient of Dr Alok Modi. I was admitted with covid 19 in May 2021. I was in ICU and in hospital for totally 2 months.

Bratamay Majumder

Mahesh Agashe

I brought my father Mr Vishnu Agashe on Jun 2 2021 at Kevalya hospital in the ICU as he was undergoing a heart failure. He was under treatment under some other doctor and Dr Alok Modi changed his medications and he was discharged in a very good condition on Jun 10 2021.

We felt mentally assured that we are in right hands after coming here. Dr Alok Modi is very knowledgeable, updated with recent advances in cardiology & diabetology and hence he could change my fathers medications and give results. Now also his medicines have been reduced , especially insulin and heart medicines and he has shown good improvement in his condition. Dr Alok Modi is straight forward and gives positive confidence to patients and their relatives, gave us a lot of moral boosting in the ICU ( He kept telling us ,” Don’t worry, I am here only”)

Kevalya hospital is neat and clean, excellent hygiene, housekeeping is excellent and staff is polite and well mannered.

Vijay Rahate

“I stay in Vijaynagri annexe on Godhbunder road near Kevalya hospital. Admitted twice on Aug 5 & Sep 3 20 for heart attack. I had good recovery.

Kevalya hospital had excellent nursing care, Staff speaks to the point and are very polite. Treatment given on time, Dr Alok Modi is very gentlemanly, he has courtesy towards middle class and poor people and he is not after money, but he is after patient’s problem solving. I find him like a head of family towards his own staff and towards his patients too. My experience is good and I am very grateful on his treatment.

Hospital billing is economic, affordable, not very costly .
Hospital neat and clean and hygiene is well maintained..”

Kavita Jade

“My father was admitted last year in ICU at Kevalya hospital in a critical condition in heart failure. He recovered well after a long struggle in the ICU and since then we are regular patients of Dr Alok Modi and following up with him sincerely. Touchwood, he has not had a single complication so far and is doing very well after discharge.

Kevalya hospital services are very good, hospital is neat and clean, nursing care is caring and polite. Doctors treatment is very good and my fathers life was saved.”

Sachin Darade

I am visiting Dr.Alok Modi since last 8 years. He is the good human being. He gives you ample of time until you get all your answers. Along with a good doctor he is a very good counseller too. He never treat anyone like a doctor but as a good friend He always listen you calmly.

Harish A

I am Mridul R Asthana. I stay at Kasarvadavali Godhbunder road, Thane. I came to Dr Alok Modi at Kevalya hospital after reading reviews on internet in Oct 2022. I was suffering from fever and cough. I was not getting the right doctor earlier.

Treatment gave me 80% relief on the first visit itself. Staff is courteous, very cooperative, Hospital handling is good, communications are really good. Dr Alok Modi is friendly, feel relaxed after talking to him and he has open discussions with me, proper guidance we got.

Suresh Wadodkar

Visited Dr. Alok Modi (Consultant Physician) For Diabetes Treatment.

Anupam Mathur

Urmila Prajapati

Pushparaj Shetty

Clean and Hygienic hospital.
Both the Doctors are highly qualfied and they know what they are doing.
As everyone are fed up paying for scaning and other pathological test, so i would like to tell you that here i never felt like they are putting a hole in my pocket. Unless and until it is very much needed then only the doctors will recommend taking variously test and scans.

Mohit Bhansali

Recently I was treated by Dr.Alok Modi. I commend the service and acumenship. He is a good person by nature more then that he is a good and caring doctor.Thank you

Aajay Kautikwar

My mother Mrs Sushma Kautikwar had covid in May 2021. She was not admitted and we took treatment from Dr Alok Modi on video consultation. Now after 2.5 months she is doing fine and there are no complications.

Apart from all things Dr Alok Modi is friendly in approach and has gives a holistic view to my mother for her treatment. My mother immunity booster more than the treatment given by Dr Alok Modi is he way he interacts with my mother and boosted her confidence.

Medicines were very nice, not over prescribed and not under prescribed. Kevalya hospital staff is very cooperative, hospital is neat and clean and overall management is very good.

Harshada Amodkar

“My Mother Mrs Varsha Manoj Amodkar was admitted at Kevalya hospital for breast cancer. She underwent surgery under Dr Alpa Modi for breast cancer.

We came to Dr Alpa Modi after reading her reviews on practo.com. We found her very helpful in nature, kind and compassionate person. Treatment was satisfactorily done, surgery was successful and we appreciate that in this COVID situation Kevalya hospital did not refuse a non covid patient and such a major surgery was done without any hitches in this crisis situation..”

Jayesh Uniyal

“I was admitted with very high blood pressure and I have a black nodule on my forehead. I was admitted under Dr Alok Modi for high blood pressure and my biopsy was done by surgeon Dr Alpa Modi.
Kevalya hospital is neat and clean, and in my opinion is the best hospital in Godhbunder road. Nurses are friendly, attentive and careful.
doctors visits are regular.

I am happy to have got covered under cashless with Star health at Kevalya hospital. I recommend the hospital as I am very happy with he ambience and services of the entire team.
Thank you..”

Shivraman Srinivasan

“Doctor explained the procedure clearly and the staff is also very caring.charges were reasonable for consulting and dressing.”

Ramesh Prajapati

I am patient of Dr Alpa Modi , I was referred by my family doctor. I stay at Kalwa Thane, I was operated on my breast cancer by Dr Alpa Modi, one year back. I am happy to say that i am very happy with the surgery,. I have no problem one year after surgery. I recently underwent checkup by doing mammography and my cancer has not come back.

My experience here at Kevalya hospital was very good, nurses are very good, well trained, very nice hospitality, all facilities under one roof, very reasonable bills and very nice experience. Bills are very reasonable, not at all expensive for a middle class family, this I say with confidence as bills were very reasonable for such a supra major surgery.

Alpa Modi madam is so sweet, like God to me, I have come with sweets to thank her, she is like my daughters and friend, she held my hand and guided my so nicely through and through.

Very grateful to Alpa madam and highly recommend Kevalya hospital.

Jehangir Gai

“My sister-in-law had collapsed and was having difficulty in breathing. We were transporting her by ambulance from Kalyan to Mumbai, but since her condition deteriorated and became critical, we rushed her to Kevalya Hospital in Thane. Dr. Alok Modi examined her and gave immediate medical aid in the ICU. He also advised that she should be taken a a tertiary set-up as her condition was extremely bad. After the emergency medical aid given by Dr. Alok Modi, we proceeded to a hospital in Mumbai. She barely managed to make it to the hospital before she lost consciousness. After a long struggle, her condition improved. It is thanks to Dr. Alok Modi and his sincere efforts that my sister-in-law is alive today; otherwise she would have died along the way. Dr. Alok Modi is not just a good doctor, but a kind, humane, understanding and wonderful human being who earns the trust and love of his patients. Thanks, Dr. Modi.”

Ajay Kautikwar

My mother Mrs Sushma Kautikwar had covid in May 2021. She was not admitted and we took treatment from Dr Alok Modi on video consultation. Now after 2.5 months she is doing fine and there are no complications.

Apart from all things Dr Alok Modi is friendly in approach and has gives a holistic view to my mother for her treatment. My mother immunity booster more than the treatment given by Dr Alok Modi is he way he interacts with my mother and boosted her confidence.

Medicines were very nice, not over prescribed and not under prescribed. Kevalya hospital staff is very cooperative, hospital is neat and clean and overall management is very good.

Kumaran Satish

“I was admitted on Sep 4 2018 at Kevalya Hospital for dengue. I had a bad dengue infection and I had developed stomach, liver and sugar complications with dengue. My BP and sugars had gone down. I was admitted in the ICU for two days and I was transferred to the room for the remaining six days and then discharged. I am happy to say that my dengue has got cured very well. I had a complicated dengue infection, my NS1 antigen was positive and I could have landed in severe trouble. I am happy that I had a good uncomplicated recovery. I chose not to go to a corporate hospital as all ICU and pathology and critical care facilities are available at Kevalya itself and so i could save a lot of money with the same level of treatment offered at Kevalya Hospital. I found the hospital to be neat and clean, nursing staff are very pleasant and cooperative and Dr Alok Modi himself has given enough time and personal attention and has been very plesant to talk to us and remove our fears.,.”

Roshan Asati

Doctors are very amicable and affordable, especially during the covid times.
Very satisfied with the treatment received!

Vijay Gupte

“It was a great experience right from the 1st visit for consultation. Dr. Modi has been very helpful and honest in his diagnosis. My treatment and diagnosis at Kevalya Hospital has been spot on from day 1. The staff at the hospital has taken great care of me during my stay at the hospital making me feel comfortable. The treatment has been economical as well as the hospital charges are also fair and pocket friendly.Over all a very Good Experience with a Good Treatment. Recommended by me on my personal experience.”

Tapan Khandelwal

I am chartered accountant staying at Dhokali, Thane west. I came to Dr Alok Modi & Kevalya hospital through Practo search. I was admitted for water in my tummy which was diagnosed by Dr Alok Modi as tuberculosis. I was admitted twice in Kevalya hospital and now after 4 months I am happy to say that my tummy has become totally normal and I am feeling very fresh and healthy.

Hospital service is very excellent, staff are friendly, Hospital is clean and proper hygiene is maintained by housekeeping. We are thankful to Dr Alok Modi that he took proper time to diagnose my disease in a timely manner and help me with the best of treatment.

Billing was handled by my insurance company and bills were reasonable, not expensive. We are very much satisfied.

Vidya basu

“I was utterly terrified with my test reports on lipid profile and was expecting some heavy medicinal doses but the Doctor simply said no to giving me any medicine and instead guided me to certain lifestyle changes which I have currently adapted. He was very friendly and I was able to leave his chamber with all my worries and anxiety our to rest. He was certainly worth the visit .”

Anupam Mathur

My Name is Anupam Mathur, I came to Dr Alok Modi based on the information available on social media. I am suffering from high blood pressure since recently.

The treatment is quite satisfactory and I am much improved now. I can do my entire work. My tensions have come down substantially.

Kevalya hospital oi quite good, staff is quite friendly, attend to you with all sincerely and dignity . I am really happy to take treatment here.
I stay in Thane, Vasant Vihar and I would recommend everyone to visit Dr Alok Modi for any help.

R S Mani Iyer

“I was suffering from hernia in my right side. I was operated by Dr Alpa Modi, done as a laparoscopic surgery at Kevalya Hospital. I am also a patient of lung disease ( COPD ) and blood pressure for which I am taking treatment from Dr Alok Modi. My surgery was uneventful, I was discharged in two and a half day. It was covered by mediclaim at Kevalya Hospital. My stay was pleasant, nursing staff was excellent. They have resident nurses and on duty doctors who are available round the clock. Hospital is neat and clean and I heartily recommend Kevalya Hospital, Drs Alok Modi, Alpa Modi & their team for all kinds of treatments. Drs Alpa Modi & Dr Alok Modi are very pleasant, solve all my queries . i am happy to have been their patient.”



Sumrita Jha

“I am very much satisfied with all the support provided by Kevalya Hospital, especially Dr Alok Modi who is very supportive during the treatment. My wife was admitted with high grade fever with severe loose motions. Dr Modi diagnosed it as typhoid fever with septicemia. It took us more than 5 days of heavy antibiotics to get my wife to settle down. Normally it does not take that much time for typhoid fever to settle down. Though my wife was serious as her white counts were very very low and platelets were very very low, we were not shifted to the ICU by Dr Alok Modi and that helped reduce the cost of my hospital bills. My entire admission was covered under cashless by Star Health at Kevalya hospital and my bills were cleared satisfactorily. I was happy with the cashless system of Kevalya Hospital. She recovered satisfactorily and on follow up today on Jun 10 2017 her antibiotics have been reduced. Since I find the care of the doctor and the nursing staff very humane I heartily recommend this hospital for other patients.”